Media Headlines


"FUTREX Monorail on Track" , Associated Press, 6/1/96
"The Future: A new urban transit system stands a chance of getting people out of their cars" , Architectural Record, 7/97
"System 21 The revolution in transit technology has arrived" , Battelle Solutions Update, Fall 96
"Mass-Transit Systems That Snap Together" , Business Week, 9/30/96
"Monobeam may zip out to Dulles" , The Fairfax Journal, December 9, 1998
"FUTREX hopes to change face of Mass Transit" , CNN "Future Watch" Transcript, June 16, 1996
"Commuting over the traffic jams" , The Sunday Times, January 5, 1997
"FUTREX gets $1.5 Million FTA Grant" , Passenger Transport, December 14, 1998
"Futrex makes a pitch for "monobeam" system" , Railway Age, September 1996
"Futrex Monobeam Receives Federal Grant" , Railway Age, January 1999
"Fairfax Eyes Futuristic Transit System"
, Washington Post, December 10, 1998

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"Testimonials" , July 1999
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